Many people ask: how can I grow tomatoes from seeds? Because I love gardening, I want to share with you the steps for growing tomatoes from seeds.
First step is to obtain tomatoes seedlings. The work for this should start in middle of February.
Sowing seeds will be made in small greenhouses, boxes, pots. In these pots you will need to make small holes for excess water to drain.
If you do not buy small greenhouses with soil, you must buy soil for vegetables which will be mixed with manure. This mixture will be put in pots and leveled. Important observation: the soil must be warm, at room temperature, not cold. Also, it is necessary to spray the soil with a solution against bacteria because they will be alive in the soil and can cause the damage of the seedlings.
When the pots are ready, you can put on the bottom a thin layer of sand, then fill the pots with soil mixture and level it slightly.
Next step is to put tomato seed in pots. Seeding process can be made in rows, at 4-5 cm away or by uniform scattering. Over the seeds you must sprinkle a 1-2 cm layer of compost. Next, you tamp down the compost and water it with warm water, using a watering with fine mesh.
When all these steps are completed, you will cover the pots with glass and foil mat or newspapers to maintain the warmth. After that, you must place the pots in warm places. Until the seedlings will arise you will not longer check the containers. After the seedlings have emerged, you can remove the foil mat or the newspaper to allow light to penetrate. The pots or small greenhouses will be ventilated daily by sudden raise of the glass for a few seconds and then put back. Ventilation will be made even if the time is cooler.
As time heats, ventilation will be increased. If the soil tends to dry out, you will easily water it with warm water. Do not put a lot of water because there is the risk that the plants grow more in length due to moisture and do not develop normally and healthy, leading to illness and loss of plants.
After the plants have two leaves (photo - Google image), not those that appear first, when the plant rises, take each plant and replant it in pots. There will be another article related to re-planting each small plant in a separate pot.
These would be the steps that should be taken get tomato seedlings from seeds.
In these articles I will explain other stages of care and growth of tomato plants.

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