There are many people who growing tomatoes from seed. There are many people who want to make homemade tomato sauce. From the start we have to say that it is pretty much work to do to get the desired result, which is a very good, tasty and healthy tomato sauce, for the whole family.
Homemade tomato sauce can be consumed both fresh and preserved for winter, there are different stages in its production.
Also, homemade tomato juice is good to be consumed to prevent and treat diseases. I'll talk about it at the end of the article.
Now I will tell you the steps you must follow to make tomato sauce. The ingredients for the recipe are common: tomatoes (as you want), salt, sugar and other herbs (lovage). Preparatory steps:
- Wash the tomatoes with plenty of water
- Cut the tomatoes in four parts
- Chop them in the special machine, to remove the skin and the seeds
- Sterilize bottles and jars

The fresh tomato sauce 
The fresh tomato sauce is made following these steps:
- Boil the tomato juice obtained by grinding in a large pot
- Add salt and boil the sauce
- The juice will be boiled at low heat for about an hour, until foam disappears from the surface
- Then pour the juice in bottles or jars paying attention not to get burnt
- Cover bottles and jars with a blanket and let them cool slowly until the next day
- Store the bottles and jars in a cool, dry and dark place

Winter tomato sauce
Winter tomato sauce is made following these steps:
- After you have passed he tomatoes through the mincer, the juice obtained is left to settle for an hour in a dark place
- Then remove with a spoon the water that rose on the surface
- The remaining sauce will be boiled on low heat for 2-3 hours, stirring from time to time
- Also add salt, sugar (one tablespoon to 5 gallons of broth) and a few lovage leaves tied with a thread
- Let it boil until it is reduced to a quarter of the amount
- Then pour the hot composition into bottles and jars and cover them with a blanket
- Keep the bottles and jars until the next day covered in a blanket
- In the next two days sterilize bottles and jars in a saucepan with water, for 15 minutes
- Then store the containers in a cool, dry and dark place

Food Strainer and Sauce Maker Machine
Food Strainer and Sauce Maker Machine
As you are familiar with how you can make tomato sauce at home, I will present below a chopped Machine with the device to remove skin and seeds, which will be helpful in making tomato sauce and other fruit and vegetables juices. 
This grinder is part of the Victorio Kitchen Products, it has a modern design and it is accompanied by an accessory kit. Users get one year warranty. It is very useful in making tomato juice to remove the device due to skin and seeds. It is sold at an affordable price and you can use the kitchen to prepare various vegetables and fruit sauces, not just tomato juice. 
You will get a fresh juice without seeds or peel, and you will also keep the kitchen clean. It is easy to use because of the way and place that it occupies in the kitchen. It is recommended to use this machine when you make juice for your baby. 
You can visit the product overview page with all the opinions of those who have purchased this grinder, but my honest opinion is that the quality-price report makes it worth buying without the slightest restraint.

Diseases to prevent with tomato juice

Homemade tomato juice, consumed both fresh and preserved, helps to prevent diseases such as:
- Prostate cancer - to reduce its occurrence by 40% in men who drink tomato juice
- Cardiac ischemia, stroke
- Bone diseases
- Obesity and diabetes
- Respiratory infections
- Smoking - reducing harmful action of tar on the body
- Constipation - tomato accelerates the processes of the intestine
- Rheumatism - drink a cup of tomato juice in the morning on the empty stomach and before the main meals – it has the same effect as cortisone
- Chronic poisoning
- Acne
- Prevention and pimples - recipe: 40 ml of 90 degrees, 1 gr. glycerin and 100 ml of tomato juice – use this solution in the morning and in the evening


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