Until the weather is suitable for planting tomato seedlings in the garden, you have to start preparing the soil layers for growing tomatoes from seed. And you have to do this carefully if you want to have good crops.
So that the work of planting tomatoes from seed is not in vain, you will have to use some special soil. Tomatoes will grow and will be delicious if they have good soil in which to grow. Also, tomatoes are grown without chemical fertilizers, particularly healthy and tasty.
It is important that the soil has the necessary amount of potassium and phosphorus, obtained from natural resources. The proportion that should exist in soil for growing tomatoes is two times more potassium than phosphorus.
To grow tomatoes you can use the following recipe for the soil: 50 litres of soil mixed with about 8 cups of ash and a cup of bone flour. Bone flour can be replaced with chicken or fish bones in dry ground. Bone flour can be found at a veterinary pharmacy.
The ash you use will have to come only from wood, not from plastic or other paper and paperboard. Thus, assured sources of potassium (ash) and phosphorus (bone flour) will help the development of tasty tomatoes.
I used this recipe and I can say that the results were very good.

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