In another post I told you how to plant tomato seeds, as a first step in obtaining tomato plants from seeds. In the following post I will explain to you how to replant seedlings in separate pots for an appropriate development.
After 3-4 weeks from sowing, when the plants have 2 leaves, it is the time to replant each plant in a separate pot.
For this operation you will need patience and an object to gently pull the young plants from the earth without destroying the roots. The object at hand is a pencil or a pen.
Before that you need to prepare your pots. You must fill the pots with soil and compost to the top; the post must be well ventilated and a bit loose and wet. Important notice: the soil should not be cold. Then you make a hole with a finger in the middle of the pot and then we water the soil easily.
10 minutes before moving the seedlings from the hotbeds, water the soil, thus the roots will come out more easily and will not break. Then you take out the pencil and take the plants one by one and replant them in the pots prepared in advance. You press down on one side, then cover the roots with soil, without pressing the soil around the root, but only in a part.
After you finish replanting the last tomato, leave all the pots in the shade for two days, until the seedlings will be cached. Then you can remove them from the sun gradually, without watering them too much lest they grow too long and thus they do not develop normally.
In these pots, the replanted tomato seedling will stay until the time comes to plant them in the garden, 4-5 weeks later. Planting seedling in the garden will be in early May, just when the temperature during the night will not fall below 10 degrees, three nights in a row. If you have greenhouses, you can move the tomatoes seedlings faster.


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