When to plant tomatoes?

In growing tomatoes from seed process it's time now for another step. Planting tomato seedlings in greenhouses or gardens will be done after the seedlings have grown properly and when the temperature outside is favorable. To make this, you need to follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have properly prepared the layers for planting seedlings.

2. Make sure the temperature will not compromise the young seedlings, meaning that it does not fall below 10 degrees C at night. Remove carefully the plants from the containers in the greenhouse or the garden.

3. With a garden planter make 30 drill hole of 30 centimeters.

4. Put ashes in every hole, then plant the seedlings, burying them up to the first leaf.

5. Tomato seedlings are planted in pits with all the land that they had in pots, so as not to damage roots.

6. Cover the holes with soil and then water with warm water.

7. If the temperature drops very much at night, tomato seedlings can be covered with plastic containers.

Following these steps, you are ready with planting tomato seedlings in the garden. During their development, they will be watered only when the soil is too dry. After the fruit appears, water them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The manure will fertilize the plants every two weeks. After about three weeks, the plants will be held with some wire so as not to break.
Also, tomatoes will need pruning and also you must remove the yellow leaves from the plant.
Important note: if you do not have garden space for building a greenhouse, you can plant each seedling or two in larger pots and the plant care will be the same.
There is one important aspect to mention: greenhouses, gardens or containers in which you have tomato seedlings should face south in order to receive as much sunlight for heat.


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